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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Flatbush Streets 4 People is an all-volunteer group of everyday people from Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood, and Kensington.

Like you, we mostly walk to get around within our neighborhoods and depend on buses to get around the city. Some of us have been hit by cars, some of us bike, some of us use mobility aids, and some of us drive!

But what we have in common is a desire to keep every family in our neighborhood safe.

Is local traffic really as dangerous as you claim?

In the last 10 years, we've tragically lost 93 of our Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood, and Kensington neighbors. 52 of those neighbors were walking during the crash that took their lives, 11 of them were biking, and 30 of them were driving. Another 29,375 of our neighbors have been injured by crashes in the same time: 5,895 were walking, 2,342 were biking, and 21,138 were driving.

And just last year, East Flatbush alone experienced the 2nd-most total vehicle crashes of any NYC neighborhood.

Don't take our word for it: NYC DOT knows certain streets and intersections as deadly for people walking and has even written a whole report specifically noting that our area has a deadly combination for people biking: a high number of bicyclist fatalities but little bike infrastructure.

I have to drive. Would this campaign make it harder to use my car?

Our campaign's focus is leveling the playing field for the majority of our neighbors who don't own a car and the 80% of our neighbors who don't commute by driving at all. Research shows that not only are car owners are wealthier than those who don't own a car, and that non-white folks are more than twice as likely to rely on public transit.

When it's easier for more people to walk, bike, and take the bus, there's less traffic left for people who do need to drive.

But the bike lane is always empty!

Bike lanes often look empty because bikes don't get stuck in traffic, but our neighborhoods actually have average to above-average rates of biking, even though we have very few bike lanes and nearly zero protected ones.

Plus, study after study confirms the old saying: "if you build it, they will come." We've added more car lanes for decades and it has counter-intuitively created more car traffic.

But more bike lanes, better sidewalks, and more bus lanes will make people more likely to bike, walk, or ride the bus, instead of taking a car (and make necessary vehicle trips faster and more efficient!)

Won't local small businesses be hurt by creating wider sidewalks or adding bus and bike lanes?

Luckily, DOT has already studied the issue in our area, and found that only 7% of local shoppers on Church Avenue used personal cars to get to local stores.

That means 93% of our neighbors and local businesses directly benefit from the street changes we propose!

Additionally, research shows over and over that bus riders are poorer than car drivers. Our goal is to make the streets work for everyone, regardless of income.

Okay, so what do you propose?

We want to redesign local streets to prioritize every way neighborhood residents and workers get around. DOT already has the tools to make our streets safe for everyone, from adding stop signs or lights where there aren't any, to creating raised crosswalks and intersections to protecting bike lanes.

Painting dedicated bus lanes can ensure buses don't get stuck in traffic.

And for local businesses, adding commercial and neighborhood loading zones will speed up deliveries and help keep the roads clear of double parked trucks.

How can I voice my support?

We're so happy to have you. First and foremost,

Then spread the word and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We have regular meetings we'll announce on social media, and you can email us at flatbushstreetsforpeople@gmail.com for the link and date of our next meeting.

What if I run a business? How do I support the campaign?

If you are a business owner, member of a school group, religious organization, or other community institution, reach out to join the Flatbush Streets for People coalition.

I saw that Flatbush Streets for People recently presented to CB14, can my organization or group request a presentation?

Sure! Send us an email!

You didn't answer my question!

Sorry! Reach out to us! We're real, local people who will answer your question.

Flatbush Streets for People is a volunteer group of residents of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood, and Kensington. We're supported by the Transportation Alternatives Brooklyn Activist Committee.

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